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Self-Catering Accommodation: Star Ratings

VisitBritain's Star ratings reflect the quality that you're looking for when booking accommodation. The rating system is the result of extensive research into visitor expectations, ensuring that you can find the place to stay that suits you best.

You can also rest assured that the property has been checked out beforehand. All properties have to meet an extensive list of minimum requirements to take part in the scheme. Establishments at higher rating levels also have to meet some additional requirements for facilities.

Accommodation is assessed on its quality, including comfort, space, facilities and most of all cleanliness. Quite simply, the more Stars, the higher the overall level of quality you can expect to find.

Minimum entry requirements include the following

  • High standard of cleanliness throughout
  • Pricing and conditions of booking made clear
  • Local information to help you make the best of your stay
  • Comfortable accommodation with a range of furniture to meet your needs
  • Colour television (where signal available) at no extra charge
  • Kitchen equipped to meet all essential requirements

What standards to expect at each level.

- Three Star
Good overall level of quality of the decor and furnishings. Spacious accommodation offering good levels of comfort and freedom of movement, e.g. access to both sides of double beds. Controlled heating. Wide range of appliances, including microwave oven and access to vacuum cleaner.

- Four Star and Four Star Gold
Excellent overall level of quality and comfortable accommodation, decorated to a high standard. Usually more spacious, with good quality of furniture, soft furnishings, beds and flooring. More extensive range of appliances, including access to washing machine and tumble dryer. If not provided within the unit then accessibility to 24-hour laundry service.

- Five Star
Exceptional overall level of quality accommodation, demonstrating the best of its type available with high levels of decor, fixtures and fittings. Full range of appliances and equipment including freezer, dishwasher, telephone capable of receiving incoming and making outgoing calls. Many accessories and personal touches.

Please note: Many establishments may provide some of the facilities/equipment found at a higher Star rating.

Most of our properties are graded to a minimum of 3 Stars.

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